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3D CAT Scan Technology

A clear view of the condition of your teeth could lead to far more accurate treatment than was ever possible in the past. By seeing the complete details of your teeth, from angles to surfaces and beyond, Dr. Patel can perform procedures that are less uncomfortable, quicker to complete, and quicker to recover from.

The use of 3D CAT Scans in medical care is by no means a new development, but it is certainly one that isn’t often used in dental care. Traditional radiography does allow for a closer look at the condition of your teeth, from the outer tooth down to the vital pulp itself, but it doesn’t always provide a full, detailed map of your teeth that can be examined from every angle.

With 3D CAT scans, it’s possible to view individual teeth, rotate profiles and pictures to see areas between teeth, examine gum health, determine the viability of the roots of teeth, and to provide essential information on the recovery of a patient after a procedure has been performed, such as the viability of a dental implant.

The Advantages of 3D CAT Scans:

  • More accurate diagnosis and treatment. If you’re suffering with dental pain, or if you require a solution for a missing tooth, a 3D CAT scan can provide us with information on how to best solve the issue, and to do so in a more accurate manner. Just as you would want a closer look if you were doing intricate work on machinery, a CAT scan that provides a 3D model of the patient’s mouth, jaw, and teeth all make for much cleaner, efficient work.
  • Easy to perform. 3D CAT scans are also incredibly easy to perform for patients, with little time necessary to get a fully accurate 3D image to examine. The amount of time saved with this procedure also means that you will get the treatment that you need more quickly.
  • Available to many patients. If you have any issues with traditional x-ray imaging, or if you just have any concerns about CAT scans, you will be happy to know that this service is perfectly safe for a vast majority of dental patients at our practice.

Speak with our office today, and find out how our 3D CAT scans can greatly improve your quality of care, and your quality of life as a result.