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All-On-4 Dental Treatment

“All-On-4” refers to a specific strategy of dental care for patients that may be missing several teeth on either the upper or lower half of their bite. When so many teeth are missing, or when teeth are in such bad condition that extraction may be necessary to prevent further pain and disease, dentures are often recommended. For many, they’ve been the only option available for quite some time. Recent improvements in dental care, however, have opened the door to a brand new option that many will find to be a far better and stable solution.

With All-On-4, patients receive a fixed dental bridge that is secured firmly into place with four perfectly placed titanium implants. As with regular dental implants, these implants are meant to last for a life time. Titanium is used because the bone of the jaw can fuse naturally to the material, creating a strong base of support, to which a dental bridge can then be attached as a more permanent solution.

The All-On-4 Process:

  • Patients will receive an examination and a consultation to determine if All-On-4 is the right dental care service for them. If you already have dentures, or if you’re concerned about significant tooth loss, then this procedure can provide you with great results.
  • 3D Imaging is used to get a fully detailed image of your jaw, remaining teeth, any root structure, and more, so that Dr. Patel and his staff at Austin Cosmetic can determine the best placement and installation of the titanium implant posts. Everything is handled with the highest degrees of accuracy, care, and consideration, so that the results are comfortable.
  • After surgical placement of the dental implants, dental bridges are made with aesthetic qualities kept in mind to create a natural looking set of teeth. Using cutting edge imaging and sculpting, it’s possible to not only create strong teeth that look healthy, but to give you a smile that will be uniquely your own.
  • Follow up care will ensure that your mouth is healing nicely, and that the titanium implants themselves are properly fusing with the bone of your jaw.

Steps for Permanent Implant Bridge

  • Initial consult – Review smile & health goal as well as budget
  • 3D scan & impressions
  • Implant planning
  • Appointment #1
  • Surgery to remove teeth
  • Implant placement
  • Place temporary implant bridge
  • Post-op visits as you heal for 4 months
  • Appointment #2
  • Final Impressions
  • Review Smile Goals
  • Appointment #3
  • Try-in – Preview Final Smile
  • Appointment #4 – #6
  • Try-in
  • Deliver Permanent Implant Bridge

In as little as one office visit, you could have brand new teeth that are far superior to traditional dentures in terms of looks, stability, and durability. Contact our office 512-263-8337 at Austin Cosmetic today to learn more about our All-On-4 solution.

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