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Office Walkthrough of Austin Cosmetic

Office Walkthrough of Austin Cosmetic

Going to the dentist is so much easier when you have an introduction and get familiar with the surroundings and doctor. We have created a video just for that. Sit back, relax and let us guide you through our office, see our high-tech equipment and Meet Dr. Patel and our friendly staff. We hope to […]

What Makes a Dental Problem an Emergency?


Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your dental concern is actually an emergency that requires fast and efficient treatment. Some patients make the mistake of ignoring symptoms, putting off treatment until it’s too late. Others may never even know that their problem was an emergency at all, which can again lead […]

Why Fluoride Rinse May Just Save Your Teeth


Many patients, during their nightly or early morning ritual of dental hygiene, opt for mouth washes and rinses that are full of alcohol. While these rinses are great for killing off bacteria, they can also dry your mouth out, just due to the chemical nature of the alcohol itself. Dry mouths are more vulnerable to […]

Why Dental Imaging Makes a Difference

dental imaging

The training and technology required for proper dental imaging services are often much more complex than the public might assume. Between the differences in matters like resolution of image and depth of image capture, there’s also 3D imaging and modeling to consider. When it all comes together, a great dental imaging suite makes for a […]

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

It’s difficult, and many patients feel embarrassed even talking about the subject, but dental anxiety is a very real thing that millions of Americans deal with. It can keep them from getting the treatment that they need, or even starting the process of seeing a dentist at all. At Austin Cosmetic, we know that almost […]

Invisalign Has Clear Benefits for Patients

It’s rare in life to be born with a perfectly straight, white smile. Many people have small, unique imperfections in the alignment of their teeth that aren’t necessarily serious enough to warrant braces, but which may still concern them for the aesthetic quality of their smile. Others may be busy, working adults that are interested […]