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Crowns & Veneers: What to Expect

Pre- Appointment : During your consultation our Austin dental team will help you determine the best treatment plan for your goals.  At this time we may also recommend oral conscious sedation depending on your anxiety level and duration of appointment.  We will also take impressions (called a wax up) to get an idea of what your smile will look like and to build custom temporaries for your new smile.

Appointment Day :  If you are coming sedated you will need a ride to and from the appointment.  Once you arrive our team will escort you to your procedure room where you can get cozy in a comfortable chair.  Our team will ensure your comfort by providing you with a blanket, a neck pillow, dark glasses to keep the light from your eyes, and music of your choice. Nitrous oxide is also available per your request to help calm and soothe you even more.  Dr. Patel will then prep your natural teeth for placement of your temporary veneers.  Placing your temporary veneers or crowns temporary crowns/veneers typically take between 2-5 hours depending on how many are being placed.

Final Appointment : In about 2-3 weeks your final veneers will be placed and bonded permanently to your natural teeth.  This appointment requires no prepping of tooth structure and is very comfortable.  We do not recommend any oral sedation with this appointment in order to view your new smile because we want it to be a moment you’ll never forget- a true life changing event.  This appointment can take anywhere from 1.5-4 hours.