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Your Austin Sedation Dentist

Discomfort management has taken great strides in recent years, and most dental procedures are now very comfortable. Even the process of giving the local anesthetic has modernized and is more comfortable.

Sedation dentistry

If you still feel anxious at the very thought of visiting a dentist, consider sedation dentistry. It will allow you to relax during your Austin dental care visit, and you’ll have a choice of degrees of sedation. Austin sedation dentistry is perfect for anyone that has neglected their teeth out if fear of the dentist office, is in need of extensive dental work, or needs to limit their number of appointments.

  • You’ll need someone to drive you home afterwards, as you’ll still be drowsy
  • One option is to take a prescribed relaxant before you arrive at the dentist’s office, in which case you’ll need someone to drive you there
  • Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is a gentle relaxant that some people are familiar with
  • Sedation dentistry, also known as conscious sedation or sleep dentistry is a great option to make your Austin sedation visit more comfortable

Dental hygiene

If you’ve been neglecting your dental hygiene and are fearful of what condition your teeth might be in, and what the dentist might find, know that:

  • The sooner you schedule a visit and have your teeth looked at, the sooner any problem will be found and treated
  • It’s always easier to treat infection, decay, or any disease in the early stages than after it’s progressed and become more established
  • No matter what problem the dentist might find with your teeth, there’ll be a way of addressing it, and Dr. Patel will explain what choices there’ll be. Modern dentistry offers many more treatments and alternatives than dentistry used to offer years ago.

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Delay is not in your best interests when it comes to dental care, so please call or email the Sedation dentistry in Austin to schedule your free initial consultation. You’ll be so glad afterwards, when your teeth are white, even, healthy and clean!