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Cosmetic Dental FAQs

1. How should I choose a cosmetic dentist in Austin?

Cosmetic dentistry requires knowledge of science and technology as well as an eye for esthetics. Before you schedule an appointment, ask about the dentist's training and credentials and the amount of experience in smile makeover dentistry. Make sure your cosmetic dentist in Austin has received advanced training in cosmetic dentistry. Many cosmetic dentists, including Dr. Patel, have taken classes at prestigious training centers such as the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry, and are committed to continuing their education. Ask to see a portfolio of before and after pictures of guests.

2. What will my smile look like after treatment?

Your smile is unique. Cosmetic dentists are trained to achieve a natural looking smile based on your facial characteristics and the condition of your teeth, and even your age, gender, and complexion.

3. I'd like to work on my smile, but I'm fearful about seeing a dentist.

Many people are anxious or nervous about seeing a dentist. At the Center of Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Austin, we go out of our way to make your experience a relaxed and comfortable one. If you wish, a variety of sedation techniques is available to help calm you.

4. How long do the treatments take?

It depends on the kind of treatment and how many teeth are involved. Time frames run the gamut from a single visit whitening session to a nine-month period for the completion of dental implants. Your Austin cosmetic dentist will give you details about the expected length of treatment and number of visits involved.

5. Is cosmetic dentistry covered by insurance?

Some treatments may be covered. For example, if you have chipped a tooth due to an accident, insurance may cover the cost of a porcelain veneer or crown. Other treatments may not be covered. It is always best to check with your insurance company before starting treatment or call our treatment coordinator.