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Invisalign Affordability

Invisalign Affordability

Invisalign can often be LESS expensive than traditional orthodontics. The benefits of greatly reduced treatment time and a more comfortable experience, however, are certainly worth considering for a great number of people in many different budget ranges.

There are several ways to make Invisalign fit within your budget, including:

  • Dental Insurance: Our office will work with you to determine how to maximize your insurance benefits, and to make Invisalign as affordable as possible accordingly. We won’t move forward with treatment until you have a clear understanding of how much Invisalign will cost, how much your insurance will cover, and what you will pay out of pocket.
  • HSA and Flex Spending are also a possibility for patients that qualify.
  • Discounts are available for patients that can make a full up-front payment.
  • Payment plans are also available for patients that want to extend their payments over the course of several months, as a way to make the initial cost and follow up care easier to manage for those that are on a budget.

High Quality Care Also Means Affordable Care

Austin Cosmetic is fully committed to providing patients with the highest quality care possible, and that includes taking steps each and every day to minimize wasteful spending without sacrificing the services that we provide, or the equipment that we utilize. Affordable care is about being dedicated to the idea of keeping costs as reasonable as possible for patients, because so many are in working families.

We firmly believe that Invisalign can be very affordable for families of just about every budget, which is why we offer several different ways to keep costs of treatment manageable. The staff at Austin Cosmetic are knowledgeable in many of the more popular insurance providers, including what their individual policies may or may not cover. We work closely with patients to not only create plans of treatment, but plans of payment that they are comfortable with.

We are also firmly committed to never talking patients into treatments that they either do not need, or cannot afford. Our goal is to not just acquire new patients, but to acquire lifetime patients. That just wouldn’t be possible if prices were too high for treatments. We’ll work closely with you to create payment plans, review the options that are available under the coverage that you have, and much more.