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Laser Dentistry

Austin Laser Dentistry

What is a laser?

Lasers are man-made beams of light that have properties unlike other lights.

  • They’re powerfully focused – they form a pinpoint of light that can be microscopic in size, as opposed to other lights, which scatter their beams and are weaker in focus
  • They’re monochromatic – they contain only one color, as opposed to white light which contains all colors. Color equates to wavelength; in other words, each type of laser has just one wavelength.

All lasers are made for specific purposes. The lasers used by the Austin laser dentist are called excimer lasers, and they’re cool ultraviolet beams which cause no tissue damage. This means that many laser procedures at the laser cosmetic dentistry in Austin can be done with little or no anesthesia.

What are lasers used for in dentistry?

Lasers have made it possible for cosmetic dentists like Dr. Tejas Patel, of the Center of Cosmetic & General Dentistry

in Austin, Texas to perform many procedures more rapidly, and with less discomfort to patients.

Austin laser dentist, Dr. Patel has taken extensive training in the use of lasers in dentistry for:

  • Dr. Patel can also use a Laser to reshape and sculpt the gum-line of your smile if you have a “gummy smile” or if the level of the gum on your front teeth is uneven, too thick, or unsymmetrical. This process is called Laser Gum Contouring or Laser Gum Reshaping.
  • For Patients with braces, a procedure we often help the Orthodontist with is called a Frenectomy. Often, there is a thick band of gum tissue attachment that may need to be thinned out before braces are removed to prevent future spaces between the front teeth. Dr. Patel can perform this procedure quickly and easily with the use of a Laser.
  • Laser can also be used to remove excessive gum tissue over the wisdom teeth, this area can often become inflamed or infected. With the use of the Laser this area can be effectively treated.
  • Other uses of the Laser include: treating oral ulcers and removing suspicious tissues for biopsy.
  • Cavity detection- lasers have been shown to help detect cavities that are in the initial stages that often times go unseen on x-rays. This helps the dentist catch cavities earlier and treat them more conservatively.
  • Hardening of bonding/filling materials – The time for hardening bonding and dental fillings is greatly reduced.
  • Expediting the whitening process – Laser tooth whitening is done in an hour or so, whereas whitening done with a take-home kit takes several weeks.


When used by a cosmetic dentist trained in their use, dental lasers are safe for treating both children and adults. . There’s no danger of their burning any human tissue . They’re part of a system of equipment with specific controls, for which the dentist must be trained . Lasers are used to seal tissue, which reduces any bleeding, thus reducing any chance of infection. Special glasses will be worn to protect your eyes from the beam.

If you’re interested in the world-class laser dentistry performed in Dr. Patel’s Austin dental office, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Austin laser dentist, through our treatment coordinator.