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Laser Tooth Whitening

Laser Tooth Whitening in Austin

Dr. Tejas Patel, of the Center of Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Austin, Texas, uses the ZOOM! Tooth whitening method of laser whitening. The ZOOM! Tooth whitening technique creates a new, up to 8 shades whiter smile in an hour, safely, and effectively.

At the Austin cosmetic dentistry, the dazzling white results that ZOOM! Tooth whitening provides, your teeth will look healthier, you can me prouder about your smile, and you will look younger.

ZOOM! Tooth whitening has been used on TV shows such as Extreme Makeover, as a way to drastically whiten stained and discolored teeth. Austin residents can now Another benefit of ZOOM! Tooth whitening is that the results are long lasting. Unlike over the counter tooth whitening products, you can be satisfied with the shade of your smile for much longer with professional laser tooth whitening. You can also come back into Dr. Patel’s Austin cosmetic dentistry office for a touch-up whenever you feel like your smile should be whiter.

The Procedure

After first checking your gums to make sure they’re healthy and polishing any stains off your teeth:

  • Dr. Patel, Austin tooth whitening specialist uses a barrier to protect your gums from any irritation
  • He then applies a high concentration of bleaching gel, which is activated by the laser and breaks down stains on the teeth
  • This twenty-minute procedure is repeated three times
  • The teeth are cleaned and the protective barrier removed
When it comes to teeth whitening there are many options available.  It can range from over the counter treatments to in office laser whitening treatments.  Prices can range from $50 for over the counter treatments to over $1000 for in office procedures.  Generally over the counter treatments, like crest white strips can work well for younger individuals, teenagers, and maybe even some adults with very minimal stains on their teeth.  As we age and drink and eat staining foods or have stain inducing habits, our teeth discolor and darken over time.  For some people, they have dark teeth due to tetracycline stain or other underlying causes.  Depending on the intensity of stain and the desired results, we are able to choose the best option for whitening.

Some options include: over the counter crest white strips, bleaching trays to be used at home but made by the dental office, laser in office teeth whitening(like zoom), or a combination of home bleaching trays and and in office whitening procedure (like KOR whitening).  Over the years, KOR seems to work the best and get the whitest results for the majority of patients with the least amount of sensitivity.

The results with whitening vary with everyone…some whitening procedures last longer than others, but ultimately habits play a major role as well.  Depending on the type of whitening, you would be able to see the teeth lighten several shades.   Some people even choose porcelain veneers to get a brighter, whiter smile with less worry about the teeth discoloring over time.  So there are many solutions and options for getting your teeth whiter.  Generally, most whitening procedures are safe and the solution used is safe and effective.  Saying this, if you use too much whitening solution, it could irritate your gums or if ingested, that could be harmful.  Also, we usually have pregnant patients wait to whiten after giving birth and after completion of breast feeding to be on the safe side.

At the Austin dental care office lasers are used in the tooth whitening procedure, to speed up the process. The laser is a cool ultraviolet one, so there’s no danger of burns.

You’ll notice immediate whitening of your teeth. Dr. Patel will give you a kit to use at home for periodic maintenance of your new, sparkling white teeth.

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