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No More Dentures

For a long time, patients had to rely on dentures when they were missing a majority of their teeth along the top or bottom of a bite. As a replacement for teeth themselves, dentures can and have served their purpose to allow patients to chew, speak, drink, and generally enjoy a better quality of life than they would without. However, they do have their down sides, including:

  • Pain. Dentures can be painful for some patients that may have ill-fitting dentures or gum health concerns, as the denture plate itself may slide against and irritate the gums, causing small abrasions that can become infected and inflamed.
  • Embarrassment. Dentures themselves may also cause you to become self-conscious, particularly for younger patients who may have lost their teeth due to disease or physical injury. Dentures can become loose or even fully dislodged during every day activities, which can be extremely awkward as well.

There are solutions that can serve as an alternative to dentures, however, and many provide permanent improvements that are more long lasting, more visually appealing, and far more effective.

  • Dental implants may be the best solution if you are missing only a few teeth. Patients who are missing one, to two, to three or so teeth may feel like they have very few options, especially if those teeth are not next to one another, where a bridge may be a solution. Not only can dental implants help you to regain the missing teeth in your smile, but it can even prevent medical concerns later down the line, like loss of bone density.
  • All-on-4 is another dental implant-based solution, and one that can replace the entire top or bottom of a bite. Four dental implants are strategically placed within the upper or lower jaw and used as support posts for a prosthetic dental plate that is customized and fitted to look and feel like your own teeth. With All-on-4, patients get a similar effect to dentures, but with far greater levels of stability and comfort, with no plates rubbing against jaw tissue or dentures coming loose while eating or speaking.

Want to know more about your options? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel today, and find out how you can replace those embarrassing dentures with something that's comfortable, more visually appealing, and far longer lasting.