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Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency can be a serious matter, and one that may send you into a panic. We strongly encourage any patient who is in serious and urgent need of dental care to contact our office to let us know that you will need emergency care, so that we can do our best to prepare and accommodate you.

Patients who have never been to Austin Cosmetic are encouraged to bring all important information, such as insurance provider, any previous dental records that you may have in your possession, lists of any pharmaceutical prescriptions that you may be currently taking, and more, so that we can readily provide you with the most accurate level of care in these situations.

What Qualifies as an Emergency?

  • Serious pain may be a symptom of an infection, or dental abscess. Other symptoms can include fever-like pain, dizziness, swelling in the cheek or jaw, tension, and more. Serious pain is usually a good warning sign that you will need an emergency examination to determine the next course of action, which may include a prescription for antibiotics. Never ignore serious dental pain. A dental infection can easily lead to a life threatening condition for patients of any age or level of physical health.
  • Physical damage to the tooth, which include chipped, crooked, or dislodged teeth. A physical injury to the tooth should be treated as quickly as possible, as there is often a chance to save the tooth from requiring an extraction. Damaged teeth can also lead to a possible infection site that could become painful and dangerous if left untreated.
  • Damaged dental work, including dislodged crowns or bridges, damage to braces, fillings which have come loose, and any issue that you may have with a dental implant. Again, these types of damage can lead to a possible infection or tooth loss if they are not quickly examined and resolved. Do not hesitate to seek emergency dental care at Austin Cosmetic, even if you are not currently a patient with us.

If you aren’t sure if your dental problem is an emergency, do not hesitate to call our office and speak with us. We can help you to determine whether or not an emergency visit will be necessary in your situation. While not every dental concern is an emergency, you should never risk ignoring something that may be far more serious.