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Snap on Smile

Snap On Smile In Austin Texas

We would all like to have a beautiful smile.  For some of us, a beautiful smile can be a challenge to say the very least.  If you are in that situation then a Snap-On-Smile may be just for you.  Dr. Tejas Patel now offers Snap-on-Smile in both of his Austin, Texas offices.  Dr. Patel along with this patented system combine to offer you the best opportunity to achieve the straight smile you have always wanted.  Dr. Patel and his professional staff can walk you through the process and answer any and all questions you may have about the procedure.

The thinking behind this process is to provide everyday people with a cost-effective option in order to get that Hollywood smile they deserve.  A Snap-on-Smile will go completely undetected by those who know you best and even better is the fact that you will not have to alter your diet at all after they are installed.  The design is small and lightweight which makes it so your speech is never affected in a negative way by the Snap-On-Smile either.  So what kind of people are taking advantage of this procedure?

  • Do you have gaps or crooked teeth?  If so, then the Snap-On-Smile process is for you.  In a seamless, yet effective way you can finally get rid of the embarrassment that comes with either of these predicaments.
  • Some of us are just plain scared of in depth dental procedures and the perceived risks that may come along with it.  The Snap-On-Smile procedure requires no invasive surgery of any kind.  What comes along with the fact that it is non-invasive is also that it is less-expensive and almost anyone can qualify as a candidate.

The procedure will just involve 2 short visits to Dr. Patel’s office. Those visits will not be painful in any way and they will require zero drilling.  Many people are apprehensive in getting any of these kinds of procedures because they are nervous that the structure of their teeth will change.  During these two visits to Dr. Patel’s office, you can be guaranteed that in no way will the integrity of your tooth structure be compromised in any way.

Are you still on the fence?  Well, if you decide to take the plunge here are some of the choices you will be able to make in regards to your particular procedure.

  • You will get to pick the style and shade of your smile.  The professionals at Dr. Patel’s office will be able to go through with you your options and clearly outline your choices.  After that, you will be able to pick the style that suits you best because after all they are your teeth after all.
  • After you pick the style, Dr. Patel will then take the impression of your teeth.  The impression
  • That impression is then taken to form your mouthpiece.  This process takes about three weeks and then on your second visit to Dr. Patel’s office you will go home with your mouthpiece that is specifically engineered to your teeth.

Removable Affordable Smile Makeover Patients seeking a Snap-on-Smile in Austin, Texas should call your provider Dr Tejas Patel today. Dr. Patel can fit you for this reasonable smile makeover solution that is an alternative for patients that would like veneers but cannot currently afford the price. The Snap-on-Smile is a removable set of custom designed teeth that fit over your natural teeth to give the appearance of a beautiful straight white smile, and no tooth structure is removed during the process. Hopefully now you see why thousands of people have decided to use Snap-On-Smile as a way to improve their overall quality of life through the improvement of their smile.

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