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Teeth In a Day

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For many patients who need dental care, there are concerns about the time necessary to see results. You may be pleased to learn that it's possible to not only get the dental care that you need, but to see results in as little as one day. With Teeth in a Day, patients who are missing one to several teeth may be able to get prosthesis that look and feel like your own natural teeth, all in a single day at the dentist. Years of dental work can now be completed in just a day!

Teeth in a Day can be the right procedure for patients of many different dental backgrounds and ages. Don't struggle with the pain and hassle of missing or broken down teeth, when you could have new teeth in just one visit.

How Do You Do It?

Getting a new set of teeth and smile in just one day may sound like science fiction, but it's entirely possible when you choose Austin Cosmetic for your dental care. Dr. Patel and his staff use the latest in imaging technology and surgical precision to provide patients who are missing teeth with a brand new option. Here's how it works.

  • Dental implant(s) are placed in the bone of the jaw. These implants are made with titanium to allow for smooth integration bone tissue.
  • Prosthetic teeth are secured onto the implants and fused into place. These teeth are carefully selected and customized to look like your own natural smile, right down to the color.

Once your implants are placed, follow-up care and a recovery period will ensure that the titanium has successfully fused, and that your mouth is healing up nicely. If everything looks great, then the permanent set of teeth, customized and fabricated to match the specifications of your bite, will replace the temporaries placed, and you will have an even better looking, stronger prosthetic.

Teeth in a Day are the ideal solution for patients that are missing teeth due to injury, dental disease, or hereditary conditions that can lead to tooth loss. You don’t have to suffer from teeth breaking down over time, which can result in great pain and suffering. Many patients feel an immediate level of improvement to their quality of life, especially when the missing teeth in question are at the front of the smile where it is most noticeable.

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