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Tooth Fillings

Tooth Fillings

At our Austin Texas offices, we offer a wide range of general and routine dental services.

Tooth fillings, Fillings, or Dental Fillings are often used for the following reasons:

  • A tooth has been chipped, worn down, or broken
  • An old filling has come loose, fallen out, or broken
  • There is a new cavity or tooth decay in the tooth
  • There is a new cavity or tooth decay around or under a small filling
  • An old filling is failing, leaking, or breaking down
  • An old filling needs to be repaired
  • An old filling needs to be updated

Generally, with tooth fillings, the bad portion of the tooth or filling is removed and then filled back and restored to its original shape and function.

With today’s materials, Composite Resin is used the predominately.  Amalgam or Silver fillings are not used as often as the resin materials are now durable, strong, and more natural looking.

It’s really cool to fix teeth and make them look natural again, even if it is something small.

If tooth fillings are too big, if the tooth is weakened, or severely damaged or cracked…then a Dental Crown or Tooth Crown may be a better long term option.

Please contact our Lakeway, TX Dental Office or our Downtown Austin, Texas Dental Office if you have questions about Tooth Fillings.