We understand dental implants aren’t something that rolls of the tongue for a lot of people.


Pre-Surgery:  During your consultation our Treatment Coordinator will send you for imaging of the proposed treatment area(s)- referred to as a CT Scan.  This scan will help the doctor better plan for your surgery as well as make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure (i.e. ample bone level to hold the implant in place as well as space allowed for implant).  Once the doctor has determined you are a good candidate for the implant we will then begin planning for your surgery.  Time from Consultation to CT Scan to Surgery date is about 2-3 weeks.

Day Prior to Surgery:  You will pick up oral conscious sedation prescription from your pharmacy of choice.  Our Austin dental team will advise you to either take the medication an hour before your scheduled surgery appointment or to arrive to your appointment early to take the medication at the office.

Day of Procedure:   On the day of the surgery you will be greeted by our friendly team and brought into the surgery room where you may leave your personal belongings.  You will then be placed on nitrous oxide to minimize pain and discomfort.  Once you are completely sedated, the surgeon will remove any teeth required by your treatment plan and then place the implant(s).  Depending on how many implants are being placed the processes takes from one hour to five hours. In many cases a temporary partial will be placed to fill the space of the missing tooth or teeth.

Following the Procedure:  When you leave our Austin tx dental office after surgery you may feel minor pain that can be treated with over-the-counter medication.  You may expect some degree of bruising and swelling in the gum and soft tissues.  Please see the Post-Operative Instructions for Dental Implants that our team has provided for you for further instruction.
Timeline for the final restoration placement of the missing tooth or teeth is dependent upon the implant type.  With both types of implant placements keep in mind there will be an additional appointment prior to placing the restoration(s) to take a quick impression after the gum tissue has healed and right before the dental implant crown is placed.

  • Immediate Placement Implant–(Implant placed the same day as natural tooth extraction). 6 months healing time before tooth restoration placement
  • Standard Placement –(Implant placed after an extraction site has already healed) 3 months healing time before tooth restoration placement

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