When asked, people frequently report that they wish they had whiter teeth.

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Teeth Whitening


We invite you to consider Zoom teeth whitening if your teeth are stained or discolored with a tint that is:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Brown

Any form of teeth whitening does not always have optimum results with gray stained teeth. If you have gray discoloration, extreme dental sensitivity, heavily stained teeth, or periodontal disease, our Austin dental team may recommend alternative teeth whitening methods or other cosmetic dentistry treatments before whitening for the best results.

Thinking about teeth whitening options?
We offer several options to brighten your smile.

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There is no shortage of teeth whitening kits and treatments to help you whiten your teeth, but you should always speak with your dentist before choosing a whitening product. Our Austin dentists are extremely experienced in teeth whitening procedures and are ready to help you decide which route is best for your oral health.

There are many causes responsible for the discoloration of your teeth and even more products can help regain your brilliant, white smile.

Common Teeth Staining Causes:

Food & Drinks

Drinks like coffee and red wine often contribute to the discoloration of teeth because the color pigments attach themselves to the surface of the teeth.


Tobacco users may notice more stains on their teeth because of the tar and nicotine.


Antihistamines, blood pressure medication, antibiotics, and chemotherapy can all contribute to the discoloration of teeth.


As the enamel of the tooth wears down, the yellow dentin underneath will begin to show.

If you are considering getting your teeth whitened, visit Austin Cosmetic Dentistry to determine whether or not you are a candidate. Moreover, it is important to remember that whitening agents will not remove all types of stains or discoloration, so it is imperative that you and your Austin dentist discuss your options together. Upon deciding that you want to whiten your teeth, you have a few options: you can have your teeth bleached in our office or at home, or you can use a whitening toothpaste.

Teeth Whitening Options:

Zoom Whitening (Bleaching) in office

Our Austin dentists will apply a protective gel and shield to your gums and bleach your teeth in the office. This typically only requires one visit.

Whitening (Bleaching) at home

Over-the-counter bleaching kits are available and use a lower concentration of bleach than what your dentist would use. The gel or strips will actually bleach the tooth enamel. You should always discuss teeth whitening with Austin Cosmetic Dentistry before choosing a kit.

Whitening toothpaste

Teeth whitening toothpaste uses an abrasive scrub to remove the surface stains on your teeth. Some will have chemicals and polishing agents to help increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Teeth whitening toothpaste, however, is not bleach and will only remove surface stains, not change the color of your teeth.

In conclusion, some patients may experience tooth sensitivity after a teeth whitening procedure, but this sensitivity is generally temporary. Overuse of whitening agents can cause damage to your teeth and gums also, so it is important to keep your dentist involved throughout the process, even if you bleach your teeth at home. At Austin Cosmetic Dentistry, your oral health is important to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the dental care you deserve.

If you don’t want in office whitening, we also offer take home whitening trays, or you can receive information about porcelain veneers for a permanently white smile.

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